Years ago, we brought in an executive coach at our technology company. Not only for the founders and executives, but we decided to offer her services to everyone at the company. We wanted the entire staff to have the resource to improve their own brand.

Some benefits of executive coaching are unexpected

As part of this project, each staff person received individual sessions with her to create a personal development plan. We also took the DISC profile. Each person received an individual assessment from the coach and we evaluated our results as a group. It was amazing to see the wheel for the company. As you would expect, most of the software developers were the same personality type, which was opposite of the sales team. We also used our newfound knowledge of the DISC in customer service. It was truly helpful for everyone to realize a customer’s personality and how they could modify their behavior around a certain type of person to get the point across better.

One result, however, was personal. At the time, we were in an early stage in our company where we were both doing everything. Sandra had taken on CFO duties and a lot of operational responsibilities. When her results came back, it showed that her natural personality was completely opposite what she was doing in her everyday responsibilities. This was not unknown to her, but forced her to see that she needed to hire someone for that role and move into something that would blend better with her extrovert personality. She hired a Controller, an accounting firm for objective analysis, outsourced payroll and moved into Marketing shortly after. Her entire outlook changed because her natural and adaptive styles were in synch.

You think you know yourself and you do. But sometimes as executives, we suppress our needs for the company. However, this can be detrimental in the long run. Having outside, objective feedback is sometimes the way to highlight where change needs to be made. You may or may not see leadership or communication styles that need to be altered for better results. You may need help in time management for your own brand development. Or, you may need to see the agendas of the people around you and how to navigate them for team success. Whatever your goal, enlisting the objective analysis of someone outside your company and with no agenda is critical.

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