What are frameworks?

Business frameworks supports how the internal talent of some part of the organization, along with business partners, can work efficiently and effectively. Most business frameworks are comprised of:

Strategy driven goals,
The policies and procedures of the function,
The organizational structure,
The sub-culture,
The relationships, contracts and arrangements,
The processes,
The roles,
The tools,
The systems, and
The objectives, measures and incentives.

An excellent business framework frees your talent to think and act for themselves, yet collaborate internally and externally to achieve strategy driven goals and objectives.

What does a framework look like?

Actually, frameworks can take many forms. At Take2, we again use networks to describe the systems and relationships between the framework’s system components. One of our goals, is to help organizations become systems thinking analyzers and first principles problem solvers. Both are very powerful, modern ways to understand and model business.

The following is a brief description of first principles thinking by Elon Musk.

Here is an excellent discussion on systems thinking.