What are Business Audits?

Business audits are a way to assess how the effort in a company, both documented and undocumented processes, supports a specific business function. The audit takes into account things such as:

  • The organization’s strategy,
  • The departmental goals,
  • Existing procedures and policies,
  • Existing standards,
  • Controls and governance, and
  • Industry best practices.

Why conduct an audit?

The reasons for conducting an audit vary greatly, but some of the most important reasons are:

  • Defect reduction,
  • Productivity gains,
  • Resource evaluation,
  • Risk reduction,
  • Culture change,
  • Transparency.
  • Contingency planning,
  • Outside evaluation,
  • Identifying best practices,
  • Implementing data driven decision making, and
  • Inventories of process, policies, resources, and data.

What is the audit process?

The Take2 team has a suite of products from check-lists to questionnaires to help your team pull together the fullest perspective of your business function. Interviews will also be conducted. Our team will also visit and observe the business function in action. Later, Take2 consultants will review the best practices literature to ensure we provide the fullest possible perspective of how your business function performs compared to other industry players. Lastly, we will present the results to stakeholders with recommendations. Based on the needs of the organization, the audit can support the development of architectures, frameworks, and the needed roadmaps.

Take2 uses systems and first principles thinking to analyze your business function. Our modern way of analysis and problem solving generates data and information ready for modern data driven decision making.