Douglas Clark

When you work with Douglas Clark on a consulting basis, you will find a sharp and thoughtful person who has the acute ability to see how products can be enabled and the best methods to harness their full potential. Douglas combines a unique blend of strategic vision, deep technology prowess, thoughtful communications and a desire to discover with keen business acumen. He is the ultimate problem solver. He has knowledge in all facets of running an organization including professional services, product development, sales, marketing and operations. His deep expertise is SaaS software, work management (agile/project/program/portfolio), and integrating strategy with execution. Douglas is a patented inventor with ten U.S. patents in the areas of business intelligence and process and one patent pending in the area of artificial intelligence.

Douglas honed his analytical skills at an early point in his career as a cryptologist in the U.S. Air Force assigned to the National Security Agency. As you work with him, you will enjoy seeing him piece together information in the manner he was taught as a cryptologist. After completing his Air Force tour, including being deployed to Beirut in support of the Multinational Peacekeeping Force, he decided to move into government contracting and satellite ground control and operations. He worked for distinguished companies, such as Lockheed Martin and IBM. Douglas was educated at the University of San Francisco, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems.

Douglas then decided to move into the commercial world. He served as the Vice President of LANSytems, a systems integrator for law firms, investment banks and entertainment companies. The company was venture funded, acquired and went through an IPO.

Douglas had been thinking about a concept for quite some time involving the foundation of his 10 patents. He decided to strike out on his own, with partner Sandra Richardson, and create the software that would ultimately become the Métier project portfolio management (PPM) platform, becoming one of the founders of the PPM market. Douglas led the product creation, raised angel and venture funding, and grew the company exponentially. Métier was recognized 5 times on the INC 500/5000 and received hundreds of awards. The awards were not only for the software interface, but also for customer success and talent management. Douglas himself continued to inspire others with his visions of the future, winning awards such as the PMI Eric Jenett Project Management Excellence Award and the Challenge.Gov Award for the best vision for public sector program management in the next 25 years. The company was sold in 2016 and Douglas now enjoys helping other entrepreneurs utilize his experience to help their endeavors grow and be successful.

Douglas also led the development of the world’s first scheduling standard, the Project Management Institute’s Practice Standard for Scheduling. During the three year development Douglas led over 120 volunteers from over 30 countries to a consensus of the scheduling best practices for most projects.

Douglas has a favorite hobby – aviation. He is an instrument rated private pilot and has owned both a Diamond Star and Cirrus. He plans to build a Carbon Cub in the near future. Douglas also enjoys writing as a creative outlet. He posts topical and introspective posts on his personal blog, Say Intentions, and is currently writing a science fiction trilogy. Douglas is married, has one son and two dogs, and lives in the paradise of Napa Valley, CA where he is also a hobby winemaker.

Douglas has successfully held top secret DOD clearances during his entire professional career. He serves as an expert witness in software-related legal cases; provides enterprise work management, strategy and data management consulting; and teaches technical data management classes both in person and virtually. Douglas is also an angel investor.


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