Our consulting philosophy is simple. We believe that all success starts with a good strategy. A good value proposition for your business provides the foundation for your marketing strategy and ultimately, your story. Your business story is the mechanism to engage your target audience and communicate to everyone involved why they should use your product or service. Once you’ve created your story, you need to monitor how it is being communicated, accepted or rejected by internal and external forces.

We are experienced and knowledgeable business consultants who have done it all. We created both a software company and a consultancy. We have provided value to customers from startups to the Fortune 500 for over 20 years. We have the experience to see your business objectively and point out potential pitfalls and a straight path to success.

We are not your ordinary business consultancy. We do not have a 12-step program or expect you to sign a long-term contract. We don’t substitute ourselves for someone right out of college or anyone else, in fact. Our consulting philosophy is to work with you on your terms. If you want to book an appointment with us for one hour or three, that is fine. If you want to call us when you need us, that is fine. If you prefer to set up regular calls with goals, that is fine. If you want to complete a project together, that is fine, too.

We embrace the concept of imaginative, human centric problem solving, but it can only begin with active listening.

Our consulting philosophy – listen

What we provide is value. We listen to your needs and provide an honest assessment of how we can help you meet your goal. If we are not the right match, we will not accept the business. It is of paramount importance that every engagement we take is successful for both parties.

We are modern, virtual and flexible. Book an appointment and let’s get started on a rewarding path to your success. We offer a complimentary consultation to new clients for the purpose of learning your needs and explaining how we can add value.